So, here we are.

It seems we managed not to forget anything horribly essential and settling in has been a pretty smooth process. The small flat we’ll be staying in for the next two or three months isn’t luxurious, but it’s close to where our friends live and a short hop from the river, which is a nice place for lazy afternoons chatting with friends drinking  maté .

We enrolled Nico in the nursery, which he seems to enjoy. It’s a bilingual school, which means the teachers speak English, although the kids mainly speak Spanish amongst themselves. Two blocks away there are cafes, a gym, a climbing wall and a wind-surfing/kayaking centre, so we’re planning to keep ourselves occupied while Nico’s at school.


 breakfast by the river

We’ve been catching up with old friends and finding our feet. Oddly, it all feels incredibly familiar. It’s just over ten years since we moved to London and a lot has changed in the meantime, but the culture shock has either yet to hit us, or enough has remained the same for the familiarity to outweigh the difference. Perhaps the shock, if there’s been one, is that living in both London and Buenos Aires has created something of a split sense of belonging. 

Tonight I’m picking up the the 15 year-old Fiat we’ve bought, which we ambitiously hope will survive 5 months in Buenos Aires, get us down to Patagonia in December and be worth more or less what we bought it for when we leave. 

Other than that, plans include: joining the gym, rowing in the delta, outings to the theatre festival which runs till the end of next week, a weekend trip to a friend’s country house in  Entre Rios , more beef, more wine.



  1. ed said:

    I’m glad things are going well. That photograph is really good.

  2. Valentina said:

    Que buena vida!!!!Me alegro mucho que lo esten pasando bien y ya esten acomodaditos en su nueva casita. Que bueno lo del auto! Le tienen que poner un nombre al dinosaurio! Se acuerda del mio? se llama Rustee. Se habran dado cuenta por que…

    Bueno chicos, aqui se los extraña pero ustedes a seguir disfrutando!!!!Diviertanse muchoooooooooo!!!!

    P.S: that photo has a very nice mood, well done!

  3. Joel said:

    Que envidia! Buena suerte en las nuevas aventuras…

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