Zero Degrees

zero degrees explores borders – between countries, cultures and, most importantly, between life and death. It challenges, prompts and inspires, in a seamless fusion of dance styles, music and contemporary art.

First night out on the town last week we went to see Zero Degrees, the British/Belgian contribution to the Buenos Aires International Teatre Festival

Aesthetically it’s mesmerising to watch, the sort of dance that leaves you wondering at the ways human bodies can be made to move. It’s entertaining, comical at times, and leaves you with some questions to ponder. We loved it and it seems the theatre going public here did too. The theatre was packed (literally to the aisles) and the ovation at the end was deservedly deafening.

Go and see this if you can. It’s on next month at Sadlers Wells.

  1. leo said:

    Sounds good, i’ll check it out (more Gormley too!).

  2. Valentina said:

    Los fuimos a ver con Robbie.
    La pregunta es: como les entendian el ingles y el humor y codigos ingleses en Buenos Aires?
    Estuvo buenisimo, gracias por la idea!!!!

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