The Duna

The DunaI’m still opening the passenger door and wondering where the steering wheel is, but I’m getting the hang of the traffic coming from the other direction (grips large lump of wood). 

Most streets in the city are on a one way grid system with the direction changing every other street, which helps, but that does mean there’s a crossroads every hundred metres. With traffic lights a rarity, the protocol is to slow down, work out whether traffic’s coming from the left or right and make your way across. Theoretically, if you’re coming from the right you get priority, in practice, the more determined you look and the more robust your vehicle is, the more others give way. I’m giving way a lot.

Here’s a shot from google earth, which illustrates the grid thing. It also shows a rather tasty junction on the left there… 

Google Earth - Buenos Aires Streets

Interestingly, if you’re a Green or geeky about car stuff, our fine automobile runs on compressed natural gas, which is “considered to be an environmentally clean alternative“, but also dirt cheap, which is a bonus. 

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  1. eric said:

    this last post made an amusing read – i’m thinking to myself: if people in buenos aires would drink and drive the way they do in rio, argentina would very soon need a new immigration wave…

    by the sounds of this blog, seems like things are pretty cool over there 😉

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