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Busy sporting week here, kicked off with a short trip to see how things were going at the Gay Football World Cup. I was invited to tag along with a friend who was covering the event for ABC News. Interesting to see an event like this being held in Buenos Aires. On the whole, it’s a reasonably tolerant place, but as in most parts of the world, football is a bastion of homophobia. The considerable official support given the event here shows some evidence of a willing to tackle the problem.

To state the obvious, a bunch of blokes playing park football is just a bunch of blokes playing park football, whatever their sexual inclination, but the crowd were perhaps a little more colourful than on Hackney marshes. Loved the souvenirs!

Football Tango

Never really thought of myself as the rowing type, always had the same prejudices about the sport as I do about golf, polo, croquet and the like, but it’s one of the best ways to see the Paraná Delta, so on Friday we went out with a friend who’s a member of the Club De Regatas Hispano Argentino. We’re now aiming to get licenses so we can take the boats out ourselves. It’s a fantastic way to spend a day.

Paraná Delta

Biggest official story of the week is the Pumas qualification for the next round of the Rugby World Cup. I watched the second half on Sunday with a very nervous friend. We then celebrated with… er … beef and wine.

And finally, in case you missed it, the great Osvaldo Ardilles has returned from Hertfordshire to coach his old Club Huracán. God knows he must feel he owes them something! He’s got a mountain to climb just to keep them from going down a division. But a Spurs hero coming back to Buenos Aires to try and save his old club from relegation… gets my support – Aguante Globo!!.


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