Art Week in Buenos Aires

Each night of the week, in different areas of the city, galleries stay open till the early hours. We went to San Telmo for an evening of gallery hopping. Among others we stopped off at The Giachetti Gallery and The Biazzi Space, which are both beautifully converted old houses. Nico had a chat with one of the artists about pirates and castles.

The following day it was his turn to put his work on display. The Nursery had put together their own contribution to Art Week, with each classroom dedicated to the kids interpretations of a famous artist’s work.

It was a really well thought out project. Here’s the Mondrian room, which was especially impressive, and Nico’s version of a Miró:

MondrianNico’s Miró

The week ended with Museum Night, when (almost) every museum in the city stays open till 2am. It was amazing to see queues stretching 2 blocks down the road to get into some of the museums that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to have huge popular appeal. The Museum of Decorative Art is an ostentatious twentieth century neo-classical stately home with an eclectic collection of paintings, statues, tapestries. Interesting enough, if that’s your bag, but hardly what you’d imagine people flocking to on a Saturday night!

The participating venues were packed and the atmosphere was really nice; people talking about what they’d seen and groups huddled over maps working out their routes to the next museum. It’s one of those events that mobilizes people en masse to go out and appreciate what their city has to offer. As a marketing exercise it works too, there must be a hundred museums on the list we didn’t get to visit, some of which sound great. Others we can probably skip: Public Tax Office Museum anyone?

  1. Midge said:

    Loving Nico’s art !!

  2. Mike said:

    Classic!! Looks great!

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