You get a different perspective on the city of Buenos Aires, when it’s a distant skyline and you’re floating in a kayak a couple of hundred metres off the coast a few miles out of town.

coast skyline

There’s a whole strip of bars and restaurants along the coast to the North of the city that double up as kayak, windsurf and kite-surf centres. It’s a good place for beginners because, by all accounts, you could pretty much walk to Uruguay across the River Plate if they didn’t dredge it so the ships can get through.


There’s something of a yuppie vibe to this bit of the coast; Valeria Mazza has a mansion here and there’s a fair share of dreadlocked white guys driving 4x4s with not much else to do than kite-surf all day. But, hey, glass-houses and stones…

Even if things are gradually getting more expensive here, a relatively meagre number of pounds sterling still puts you firmly in the upper-middle class.

Course of 7 windsurfing classes (all inclusive): £30.
Steak, chips, wine and coffee: £3.

  1. Mike said:

    Enough already! – you really don’t have any idea when to stop, do you?

  2. Valentina said:

    Me quedo con el bife y papa fritas!
    En Cornwall pagas £25 (all iclusive) para aprender surfing. Y entre el Rio de la Plata y Newquay me quedo con la segunda option! Hey! me encanta mi pais y mi ciudad pero debo admitir que tu pais tambien tiene muchas cosas buenas.
    Ayer me contaban que Argentina se fue al carajo con los precios otra vez pero que por suerte aun se puede comer barato! Por lo que veo en tus fotos se ve que lo estan pasando bomba!
    Ah…mi familia era sociafundadora del country club ese en el delta…eramos rebacanes, viste gordo?
    Besitos a Nico!

  3. red67 said:

    Val… that’s a cornish surfing instructor working for £3.50 an hour – how’s s/he going to afford the gas for the VW camper van on that!

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