Mrs Penguin

About fifteen years ago I spent a couple of months working on a local newspaper in the patagonian town of Trelew. One of the most entertaining assignments I was given was to photograph the entrants in the local beauty pageant, aptly named “Miss Penguin”. I accompanied about twenty very pretty young patagonians to pose along with the actual real penguins at Punta Tombo. Beauty queens and penguins… clearly front page news.

I only mention this because, as everyone expected, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is going to be the next president of Argentina. As the current president Nestor Kirchner and his wife came to prominence in the deep south of the country, they are known as “The Penguins”, which brought the whole beauty pageant episode to mind.

  1. Tom said:

    Clearly this post would be improved by pictures.

    Penguins or beauty queens, I’m not fussy.

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