Chocolate Box Landscapes and Horseflies

Personally, I don´t find descriptions of of very pretty landscapes very stimulating reading. Subsequently, I can´t think of much to write about the spectacularly pretty landscapes of the Southern Andes. Just about wherever you pitch your tent you´ll not be far from crystaline lakes, snow capped mountains and lush forests. For anyone currently contemplating an open plan office or the A40 who fancies a moment of Orwellian hate, there are some photos on Flickr. Call me Goldstien.

If it´s any consolation, the Forest-Lake combination produces a plague of extremely insistent bloodsucking horseflies, which means that the humans that have chosen to invade their habitat, rather than serenely contemplating the surrounding tranquility, are generally dancing a bizarre jig that involves slapping your ankles every 30 seconds and flailing tee-shirts or towels around your head.

Lago Rivadavia

Happy New Year!


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