The Long Unwinding Road Trip

At the end of a month of mostly sunny days and chilly nights on our last day in Villa La Angostura it snowed, which is odd for the time of year. Now, after a final days drive of over 1000km across Buenos Aires Province, we’re back in the capital, where it is too hot to move.

For the record, here’s the itinerary of our 27 day 5226 km round trip.

Dec 16: Buenos Aires – Sierra de La Ventana
Dec 17: Sierra de La Ventana – Las Grutas
Dec 18: Las Grutas
Dec 19: Las Grutas – Puerto Madryn
Dec 20: Punta Tombo
Dec 21: Puerto Madryn – Esquel
Dec 22/23: Esquel
Dec 24: Esquel – Lago Futalaufquen
Dec 25/26: Lago Futalaufquen
Dec 27: Lago Futalaufquen – Lago Rivadavia
Dec 28/29: Lago Rivadavia
Dec 30: Lago Rivadavia – El Bolson
Dec 30/31/Jan 1: El Bolson
Jan 2: El Bolson – Bariloche
Jan 3/4/5/6: Bariloche
Jan 7: Bariloche – Villa La Angostura
Jan 8/9: Villa La Angostura
Jan 10: Villa La Angostura – Choele Choel
Jan 11: Choele Choel – Buenos Aires

View from Cerro Campanario

  1. Mike said:

    godammit Andy, couldn’t you have done this as a google map – what are you doing with your time?

    • red67 said:

      All right then. When was the deadline for that 😉

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