Call Me Mr Farenheit

For the end of year show Nico´s nursary had the kids in costumes doing choreographed routines to the tunes their teachers maust have danced to when they were teenegers. The result was a nostalgia fest, largely made up of songs that I’m not much nostalgic about personally, but a number of the tunes have made a firm impression on young lad, who now has some thing of repertoire.

Thankfully I didn’t even register You Can Do Magic by America back in 1982, but there’s been no escaping it for the past month or so. Other classics of the genre we’re currently getting regular doses of are De Do Do Do De Do Do Da and, perhaps most entertainingly, Don’t Stop Me Now. We are being randomly regailed with a line or two from any one the above.


The temperature has dropped a bit in Buenos Aires, but it’s still hot enough for the odd water fight. To this end we finally gave in to demands for a water-pistol, which occassioned a good deal of excitement and song on the day of purchase. I hope the poor folk assailed at gun-point by a three-year-old with the words “I’m gonna make a supersonic man out of you” weren’t too traumatised by the experience.


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